Thoughts about Praise

I have been featured as a Trailblazer in the Boston Voyager! 

Boston-VoyagerIt’s not every day that I get asked to do an interview, actually I can literally count on one hand the number of times it has happened… three times.  Two of those times were because of work I was doing as a teacher and helping female students dive more into science and potentially lead them to science-based careers and now this! I am very excited to be featured as one of the trailblazers in my area!!

It was quite humbling to be nominated and interviewed and as I went through the list of others who have been featured I was honored to be among such amazing company!   I loved the outpouring of congratulations that I received from family and friends.

Praise is something that people often desire, but as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and former teacher it is not something I often receive from others. We all want to know we are doing a good job, that what we are doing matters above just completing a task or daily essentials.

As a wife and mother , there are sometimes thank you’s, but for tasks that if not completed we would not be alive, ie making dinner.  It’s not that the thank you is not appreciated, but it feels strange to be thanked for doing something to feed my family.  I would like to be thanked for cleaning the bathroom…. because, well… teenage boy and husband!  If you have a son and/or hubby you know what I am talking about!  Soon enough I will also have two girls to clean up after as well and I am sure the amount of hair found in undesirable places is just going to multiply!

When I think back to my former teaching days I can only recall a handful of times when I was told I was doing something great for my students by the administration.  If you want to know the number of times we were told to do more or “that’s nice” I lost count after reaching double digits. If you are a teacher and reading this know that I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you put into your students every year!  I know that parents and administration can be tough and they make you sometimes wonder why you are doing what you do, but you are fabulous and are making a huge difference in your students’ lives and they need you.   I try to always go above and beyond for my son’s teachers so that they know they are appreciated, especially when said child is not doing his best!!!

Being an entrepreneur means I get to be my own cheerleader and I try to give myself praise, but where is the line?  Do I praise myself for every little accomplishment, “Good job, Jess, you ordered the toner for the printer so it never runs out and got paid on your purchase.”  I mean, praise like that could really go to a girl’s head and make her think she is unstoppable!  Why YES! Yes,  I will praise myself and do it often because I am the only one who is going to make myself better and grow! Positive attitude and vibes all around here because that is what makes people great!  Will I stumble on my face, of course, and probably more than once, but I will always get up and continue moving forward.  That is what an entrepreneur does, that is what someone who wants to continue to grow and get better at anything does! Having a dream and a goal keeps me determined to move forward to accomplish more every day/week/month/year and it can for you too!

Remember it is not always about what the goal is and reaching it, but who you become along the way!Screenshot_20180607-162637_2




Published by Jessica Abreu

I am currently a freelance makeup artist specializing in creating custom foundations, makeup classes and event makeup. I am also a stay at home mom to three children. I am a celiac (all things gluten free here!) and try to eat healthy as much as possible. Reading is my favorite thing to do when I have a few precious minutes to myself and if I can have a hot cup of coffee while reading, I am in heaven! Helping and teaching has always been my passion and now I am able to do it from home and raise my kids. My mission is to empower women through beauty, wellness, and entrepreneurship. I believe that every is woman is beautiful, has a strong voice, and the ability to create a lifestyle that allows her to pursue her passions! There is nothing better than being able to do what you are passionate about and see your children as much as you want! Having the best of both worlds has been a blessings and I want to share that blessing with YOU. I love helping people reach their goals, whether it be health and wellness, beauty, or financial. Let me help you reach yours!

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