Do you need a Wedding Planner?

As a makeup artist, I have the honor of enhancing the bride’s beauty on her wedding day and usually her bridesmaids and the occasional mother of the bride and/or mother of the groom. I am there early in the morning to have the bride and her wedding party ready for her ceremony or for the first look. I have seen the bride calm, cool, and collected as her wedding planner handles the last minute details and I have seen the bride in a panic because her wedding party isn’t setting things up right!

There is a sense of calm when you know someone is checking and DOUBLE checking everything while you enjoy your morning, getting pampered and ready to walk down the aisle. The last thing you want to have to do is be telling others what needs to go where and when!

Let me tell you, if I was getting married again…. or when we renew our vows, I am hiring a wedding planner. It will be Pearl, of Designed by Delsie, because I love her attention to detail, professionalism, and her personality. We just click! I have had the pleasure of working along side her as I enhanced a bride’s makeup for the wedding she had planned. I also attended a women’s only soiree that she had organized and it was impressive.

I feel all too often couple over look needing a planner when they are planning their wedding and I asked Pearl if she would allow me to interview her. I want you all to have the best experience on your wedding day and I do believe hiring a planner is the way to do it! Check out the interview and let us know what you think!

Published by Jessica Abreu

I am currently a freelance makeup artist specializing in creating custom foundations, makeup classes and event makeup. I am also a stay at home mom to three children. I am a celiac (all things gluten free here!) and try to eat healthy as much as possible. Reading is my favorite thing to do when I have a few precious minutes to myself and if I can have a hot cup of coffee while reading, I am in heaven! Helping and teaching has always been my passion and now I am able to do it from home and raise my kids. My mission is to empower women through beauty, wellness, and entrepreneurship. I believe that every is woman is beautiful, has a strong voice, and the ability to create a lifestyle that allows her to pursue her passions! There is nothing better than being able to do what you are passionate about and see your children as much as you want! Having the best of both worlds has been a blessings and I want to share that blessing with YOU. I love helping people reach their goals, whether it be health and wellness, beauty, or financial. Let me help you reach yours!

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