Vacation Must-Haves

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I love checking out new places, going on adventures, and exploring the world. Sometimes we travel with the children and other times we are fortunate to travel on our own. Traveling is a little limited now, but we are still finding ways to be able to get out and about.

Whenever we get away, there are a few must-have products that always find their way into my travel bag! When I am able to bring extra products because I have more room or we are going for a longer amount of time, I add to this list. Here is what ALWAYS comes with me and the reason why!

gluten free

Fixx Microdermabrasion: You are going to need to cleanse your face while you are away and the basic soap/cleanser the hotel is providing is NOT going to cut it! This exfoliating cleanser will help scrub away all the dirt from your adventures plus if going for an extended time you are able to keep your skin soft, smooth, and those pores small!

Micellar Cleanser: Yes, another cleanser! Skincare is the most important and best way to ensure you look flawless wherever you go. The reason this cleanser is needed to is because it will wipe away all your makeup from the day. You can also use this in the AM and PM to cleanse your face without drying it out because it is waterless. This gentle cleanser gets into pores and fine lines to ensure all the sweat, dirt, makeup, sunscreen, etc gets out!

Ph Normalizer (toner): This is super important to keep the Ph balanced on your face. Once you cleanse your face with either or both cleansers you need to normalize your Ph before applying moisturizer. This product also is used in my hair as detangler/softener (does every hotel have hard water?) and if you are away during the cold months, it acts as a static remover! You can spray it onto hats, scarves, sweaters, your hair, leggins, nylons, skirts, pants… you name it, and it will remove static!

Matte Moisturizer: I love this one because it is a pump, is compact, and provides a beautiful matte finish to my face. This is great especially for the days when I do not apply any makeup because it helps my skin look flawless. It can be used morning and night to ensure your skin does not dry out and it will not make it oily. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines so who wouldn’t want to keep that up daily?

Insta Smooth: I lovingly call this little miracle tube, “botox in a bottle”. It hides pores and fills in fine lines. It literally looks like you filtered your face on instagram, but no filter is needed. It is AMAZING. When you use it you can apply foundation on top or skip foundation, which is why it is a must-have for vacations. Days when you do not want to put foundation on to “hide” imperfections you can simply put this all over your face! I love it.

Concealer: Listen, I do not sleep through the night thanks to a snoring husband and crying children. I love them, but sometimes I want to go on vacation myself and see if I can actually sleep though the night for once! Given that, I always have some kind of dark circle under my eyes. I always bring my concealer with me to make sure I can hide those circles!

Eye Shadow Palette: This past time I brought my Demure palette. It has neutral colors which makes it a super easy to use for day and night looks. I bring a different palette depending on where and when I am vacationing. Eye shadow palettes are great to bring because you have so many options for different looks!

Liquid Liner: The eyes are most important right now. Your mask is covering much of your face, but your eyes are always showing! I love this liner because it lasts all day without moving or slipping. It is quick drying and gives you a great look even if not wearing eye shadow too!

Fiber Lush Mascara: Who doesn’t want to have fuller longer looking lashes daily?! No one I know. I love this mascara because it has little fibers that attach to your lashes and makes you look like you are beyond blessed with amazing lashes! The fibers stay on ALL day. This one step mascara is a must have for all makeup bags.

Little Black Dress Gel Liner: In case you haven’t noticed, I love eye makeup! I think that outlining your eye makes them pop and because they are popping you dont have to worry about enhancing other parts of your face that maybe get covered up with a mask more often than not. Plus if you are a mom vacationing with kids, you do not have that much time to perfect your look. Dressing up your eyes is fast and gives you an amazing look!

Lumi Stick: This is a great creamy blush. It comes as a roll up stick…um, yes please! No messy powder, no need to bring an extra makeup brush, and it’s easily portable. There are a few colors you can choose from and all give you a little glow that is perfect when on vacation. I also love that its easy to apply, you can control exactly where it goes and it moisturizes your skin!

So there you have it, beauties! Those are the products that come with me everywhere I travel! They make it so I can quickly do my makeup and keep my skin looking fabulous and properly moisturized. Sunscreen comes with me everywhere too, but that doesn’t travel in my makeup bag because everyone needs it and it just goes in the family travel bag. You will notice that I did not include a lipstick and that is because right now with having to wear a mask, I am not taking one…. I may put on some lip balm, but this past trip I did not wear anything on my lips.

All the products I love are gluten free, paraben free, and cruelty free. Click Makeup Must Haves to check out these products!

Hiking in the mountains

Published by Jessica Abreu

I am currently a freelance makeup artist specializing in creating custom foundations, makeup classes and event makeup. I am also a stay at home mom to three children. I am a celiac (all things gluten free here!) and try to eat healthy as much as possible. Reading is my favorite thing to do when I have a few precious minutes to myself and if I can have a hot cup of coffee while reading, I am in heaven! Helping and teaching has always been my passion and now I am able to do it from home and raise my kids. My mission is to empower women through beauty, wellness, and entrepreneurship. I believe that every is woman is beautiful, has a strong voice, and the ability to create a lifestyle that allows her to pursue her passions! There is nothing better than being able to do what you are passionate about and see your children as much as you want! Having the best of both worlds has been a blessings and I want to share that blessing with YOU. I love helping people reach their goals, whether it be health and wellness, beauty, or financial. Let me help you reach yours!

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