I hope to empower women through my journey, my story and by supporting them in their journey. I enjoy learning about what other women are doing, whether its running their own business, doing non-profit work, working their hardest at their job, and connecting them with other women who will be supportive and could use their service, advice, expertise.

I empower women through beauty by showing them how naturally beautiful they are! While women are in my makeup chair and I am enhancing their natural beauty, I am learning their insecurities and strengths and celebrating them. I show them how to apply makeup to enhance their best features and when they see how gorgeous they look,they feel amazing and more confident to go out and be the boss lady they were always made to be, or if I did makeup for an event, she feels beautiful and is rocking the event! This makes me so happy! I motivate women to take the first steps to businesses ownership, provide mentoring and a community of other women who will build them up and support them through their journey!

Motivating women inspires me too!  I get pumped up listening to the stories they tell me while I am applying their makeup, teaching them how to do it, or creating their foundation. Learning their struggles and how they have overcome them, or being able to offer some help motivates me to continue my journey. I am forever learning and teaching and that is exciting!

What some beauties have said!

Thank you for helping me feel beautiful for my boudoir shoot!


Your makeup application was so relaxing and I loved how I looked all day!


I cannot thank you enough for helping me learn to do my makeup.


Let’s create beauty together.

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