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Incoporating gluten free, cruelty free products into my kit and being able to offer these to clients has been a huge plus for my business. Offering custom foundations to women who have trouble finding their true match at the store is rewarding and I love helping other beauty professionals be able to grow their business.

We all only have 24 hours in a day, and we cannot work all those hours. Imagine having the ability to leverage your time? There are 2 things that made me decide to leverage my time and partner with a global brand….
My children and the fact that we never know what tomorrow will bring.
I wanted and asset that will help me pay for my 3 children’s college tuition and provide them a legacy. I have had friends whose parents have past and left them with debts and that is not something I want to leave my children with. I want them to have a legacy that will help them with any finance issues that occur when losing a parent and then provide for my grandkids (when they get here).

I recently had someone very close to me got injured and she could no longer work in as a hair stylist. She didn’t own the salon, she rented the chair, but once she was hurt and needed to cancel appointments there was no money coming in anymore. The thought that I could get hurt and not be able to provide for my family is scary. Knowing that I have residual income relieves that stress from my life. I know that even if I could no longer work in the beauty industry do to an injury or if someone in my family got sick and I needed to be the caretaker, I can do that and still have income coming in.

Multiple streams of income is what helps individuals, businesses, and families become wealthy. Helping you live your best life, increase profits and decrease expenses is something I love doing. Partnering with the global brand, Motives, could be the perfect business opportunity for you too!

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Imagine getting to remain in charge of your business, style and image while also getting to collaborate with a team of dedicated and respected professionals. You will have access to superior-quality products, business strategies, and cutting-edge technology that will provide you additional profit.

Contact me for more information about using Motives for your business.  Let’s see if we can make Motives work for you.  I invite you to learn how to efficiently and consistently bring in more income without sacrificing time spent pursuing your passion for makeup!

When you invest in yourself you will NEVER go broke!

La La Anthony talks about loving yourself and building your business! Motivation overload!!!

I look forward to helping you grow your beauty business! Together we will be unstoppable!

The Motives® culture is all about making YOU feel beautiful and empowered to chase after your dreams. We believe that makeup is just one way to enhance our natural and unique beauty, which will give us the extra boost of confidence to tackle our to do list, surprise our significant other, be a happier parent, or to kick our career in high gear.

Everyone deserves to feel happy in their own skin and be the best version of themselves, and that is why we wanted to offer all of our Beautypreneurs this business in a box! The Motives Fast Start Kit is a collection of some of our favorite products to help you shine, along with all of the complimentary business materials to help you host events, conduct individual consultations and truly focus on the personalized experience for all.

One thing we’ve realized is that so many people aspire to know more about makeup application, but aren’t sure where to start. That is what this kit is all about. It includes all of the products and marketing materials needed to host a hands-on workshop for your friends and clients. We refer to this event system as ‘It’s Your Time to Shine’ because we want to shine a light on the inner and outer beauty of others. It’s a FUN, duplicatable system that will organically attract others who will not only want to be your customer for life, but who want to be your business partner, too!

Investing in this kit is investing in your future and setting you up for long-term success! This is a truly viable business with decades of growth that offers you stability and a forever home. With access to not just makeup, but thousands of other complementary exclusively branded products at wholesale cost, you’ll feel like a VIP. We want all of our clients to feel that way, too.

It’s Your Time to Shine! That’s how we feel, and we’ve created this retail system to empower and encourage you to do the same for others.

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