How do you wash your face?

Do you wash your face while showering? Do you wash in AM and PM? Are you removing your makeup every night before you go to bed? Washing and hydrating your face is a process that is not to be rushed. The skin on your face is sensitive and thin; it requires careful consideration when caring for it! Washing and removing makeup at night is one of the many things you MUST do to maintain beautiful youthful skin. Many of us do not take proper care of our face. I am here to help!

The Best 7 Step Skincare Routine:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Tone
  4. Mask
  5. Treat
  6. Moisturize
  7. SPF

You should be taking good care of your face, you only get one! Let’s work together to make it stay as flawless and youthful for the longest amount of time possible. I am offering skincare consultations through zoom to discuss your current routine and to determine the most effective result-producing regiment for you.

All of our skin types are different and will change as we age. There are environmental factors as well. Having a conversation with you and determining your skin needs will help us create a comprehensive skin care regimen that is perfectly designed just for you. We will also review your diet and nutrition because there is a strong link between the two.

My consultation with you is designed to educate you on best practices and provide you with the solutions you have been searching for. Or start by taking a quick skincare analysis!

Book your Consultation today:

Can an all women team create the best event?

In a word, YES! When a group of female vendors come together to create your event, the outcome is amazing! Each woman brought her talents and passions to the event. We supported each other to ensure that everything was perfect and no detail was left out.

Here is the fabulous group that I had the privilege of working with.

This gorgeous table setting and flowers set the mood and made guests feel welcome and special.

Food was made by: Bites by Bre
Dj Valentina made sure we were dancing all night!

Women supporting other women and collaborating together makes for fantastic events. There is something so powerful that comes when we all work together and have one focus. This would not be possible without our wonderful event planner, Pearl, who ensured we all knew the plan and our part in creating a wonderful event.

The level of professionalism and talent from this group was top notch. I was so impressed with each lady and was honored to work in collaboration with them. Being surrounded by other women that I admire and meeting new women whose creative talents are impressive lifts each person up and makes us all better.

The true meaning of women supporting women and community over competition was seen in this Women’s Soiree. Honored to be a part of it and work along side these strong, beautiful women.

The amazing women who made this event possible:

  • Planner| Designed by Delsie
  • Venue| Candita Clayton Gallery
  • Makeup| Limitless Beauty by Jess Abreu
  • Hair| Rhode Island Wedding Hair
  • Catering| Bites by Bre
  • Videography| Holy Smokes Films
  • Photography| Dawn Temple Photography
  • Flowers| Jasmine and Geranium
  • DJ| DJ Valentina
  • Violinist| Candi the Violinist
  • Draping, lighting| Drape Art Designs
  • Stationary| Champagne and Ink
  • Cocktails| Little Bitte Cocktails
  • Desserts| Bake Eat Love

Are there advantages to a winter wedding?

Winter weddings are beautiful, sweat free, and stunning! The deep colors of flower arrangements, your makeup, and even his suit/tux will have you and your guests swooning. You will not need to worry about sweating off your makeup, about guests being hot, about your groom sweating his you know whats off, or about the heat bothering anyone.

There are gorgeous indoor locations that you can have your wedding. This is at the Providence Library and I am loving the old architecture and the timelessness of it all.

The greens of the cake and his tux are beautiful. Her makeup brings out her eyes and the beauty of her smile.
I love staying on hand to ensure you look flawless for all your big moments of the day!


Other benefits to having a winter wedding:

  • Most dates will be available
  • Discounts because its off season for many venues
  • No worries about sunburns, tan lines, or peeling from post sun burns
  • No sweating
  • Honeymoon location will be less busy than if you traveled in summer
  • More guests are available to come
  • Makeup trial can be done in the fall
  • Winter colors are beautiful
  • You get to choose a beautiful shall or coat to accompany your dress
  • Your anniversary will be at a time of year when you will want to get out and celebrate, plus you wont have to worry about it being on a weekend that others want to have an event!
  • The chance to have beautiful wedding photos in the snow
  • Hot cocoa!

There is no wrong season to get married in. You should do what makes the two of you smile and happy. I just love the winter and the beauty and peacefulness that comes with it.

The amazing vendors who created this gorgeous winter wedding:

Colorful Wedding Vibes

Bride and groom

“Life is like a rainbow. You need both rain and sun to make its colors appear!” ~unknown In a marriage there will be good times and bad and you will work together to get stronger and work through the stuff days.

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days in a couple’s life. You can fill it with beautiful colors that represent you, your love, and your passions.

Ladies, your bridal makeup does not have to be neutral. It can be, if that is your wish and desire, but you can have gorgeous colors that incorporate the colors of your wedding or that mirror your personality.

Here I used blues, purples, and pinks to accentuate her eyes, draw your attention to them and it worked with the stunning colors of her floral arrangements and bouquet.

Let us also swoon over Rhode Island Wedding Hair’s gorgeous styling with this hair piece. It just adds to the gorgeous vibes of the wedding style.

When you come in for your trial it is important to discuss your desired look with your hair and makeup artist. If you know your wedding colors and flowers already and the style you are going for, we can help create the perfect flawless look for your wedding day that will WOW your guests.

Do not forget your groom. Some men need a little powder, help with their eye brows, or even some concealer! There is nothing wrong with having your man receive quick and simple makeup once over. This will help in pictures so that he is not shiny and can help with any blemishes he may have.
Also, I am loving the full floral arrangement in his pocket instead of a boutonniere and pocket square. When you are ordering your bouquet and floral arrangements, be sure to consider what you would like your groom to have.

When you are ready to start planning your wedding, I highly recommend hiring a planner. Finding the right planner is important. You want someone that sees your vision, understands your style, connects with you, is organized and professional. Hiring a planner who will walk you through all the steps of planning a wedding, find the most amazing vendors, and make sure your day is as fabulous and special as you desire is a big first step in making your dream wedding a reality.

Design by Delsie is a professional event planner. She knows how to put your vision into reality. She will be with you every step of the way. She will be as excited as you are for all your dreams coming true!

Have fun with your spouse. I love seeing couples laughing and enjoying the day. Wedding days can be stressful, but hiring the right vendor team can make your day a cake walk!

Discussing whether or not to feed each other cake or do a little cake smash!

Your wedding day is an important day that your family wants to be a part of. You do not want them to be running around setting up tables, or making sure everything is as you wanted. When you have a wedding planner, she will ensure your day runs smoothly and everything is perfect for you.

Let your wedding planner handle the details. You enjoy your day!
Find time during the event to hang out just the two of you!
You can hire me to stay with you during your day to do touch ups or change your makeup look.
Cheers, beautiful.
Mermaid eyes.

Sometimes your ceremony and reception call for different dresses. I loved this second dress too. If you want a different makeup look to go with your second dress, consider hiring me to stay and either provide touch ups or a new look.

A second dress is never a bad idea!

There is no wrong way to have your makeup done for your wedding day. The colors you have for your flowers, table settings, bridemaids’ dresses, tuxedos/suits, can be accentuated in your look or complimented in it. I can also offer you multiple trials if you want to see different options.

Make sure that you are doing what feels true to you and articulate your dream look to your wedding team. We will make all your dreams a reality and ensure you have the most amazing wedding day. Congratulations on your engagement! Let’s make your wedding day magical.

Vendors featured in this beautiful spring wedding shoot:

You can have more than one tribe!

We have all heard the saying, “your vibe attracts your tribe”, but what does that even MEAN? Does it mean that there is only one group of people out there that can “get you” and understand you? Nope, I am finding that your “tribe” can change, evolve, and you can have more than one!

I believe that we NEED multiple tribes to be a part of and that they will change as we grow both in our personal and professional lives. I would like to think of it more as different communities that you are a part of and that are a support system for an area in your life. Imagine having a community to go to that supports you in your professional life, one that supports you in your home/momma life, and one that is just for you in your journey of being a woman in the crazy world. Personally I have 4 communities of women and men that I know I can reach out to when I am having a tough day, when I have something to celebrate, or when I have questions.

My Supportive Communities

Who should be in your community?

Professional Community: I have two professional communities because I have two businesses that I am building and while these is some crossover of people, I have two groups that I find super supportive. I have changed professions and the community I had in my prior career no longer serves me in a positive way, so I had to leave. And that’s ok! If you are no longer finding benefits to a community, if it gives you any negativity or is draining, you best leave it.
I strongly suggest finding people in your profession that you admire, trust, and who is are positive people. Finding people who are successful in your profession and that you can learn from when you are starting will be powerful for you. Then when you are a huge success, you can be the one to help others!
I love leaning on and learning from other female business owners. The women from Hometown Poke, Gingersnaps Bakery, Designed by Delsie, and so many others provide not only support, but insight into the world of a female business owner. Finding strong women who do their thing and do it well are a huge inspiration!
Every profession is different with its own unique challenges and that is why it is important to find a supportive community within your profession. I am forever thankful I found The Rising Tide Society a few years into starting my makeup business. The camaraderie we have as creatives, the understanding, and the support is helpful and appreciated. These are the people that will push you forward even when you start to doubt yourself.

Rising Tide Community

Momma Community: Being married and having children is exhausting. There are so many different ways to raise our children and you are not going to vibe with every mom. The key is to find moms that have the same or at least similar mommy-ing style as you. This doesn’t mean that you lose friendships because people have different ideas and styles than you, but it does mean that when you need to bounce an idea off of someone, or you are struggling, you are calling your community.
The reason its important to find moms with the same style is that sometimes with the best intentions, moms can make other moms feel bad. We don’t do it on purpose, I know we are all just trying to navigate raising our babies the best way we know how. I found that when I found a group that did things similar to the ways I did, that we understood each other better and could offer more relative advice and guidance.
This group of book club mommas are some of the nicest women I know. We love reading and decided that meeting up once a month and discussing books we read was important and a great way for us all to get a little fun time in.

Personal Community: Girl, this community is JUST for YOU! This is the group of ladies you can call on when you having a bad day. This is the group that you call when you are ready to go out on the town. This is the group you call when you need to go get a pedicure or need a day away from everything.
This community may have some over lapping members from your other communities. This is the fun, adventurous, calming, crazy, whatever you may need community. This may be the most important community to have because it is your saving grace if everything is falling apart and it is the people who will celebrate you when you have success!

Finding your community

Sometimes it is a trial and error process to find the right people that will build you up, cheer you on, support you, and be there to lean on when times get rough. I promise you they are out there, but you need to make sure that you are attracting the right people to you. You gotta check yourself:

Are you being positive?
Do you have an attitude of gratitude?
Are you able to be happy for another person’s success?
Do you know how amazing you are?
Did you give yourself credit for being you and showing up and doing your best?

Once you find your communities make sure you are giving and are a supportive member. Remember that you do not need to have just one community that you belong to since we are multi-faceted people we can diversify and belong to a variety of communities. Your vibe is going to attract your tribe, so be in a positive state of mind as you embark on this journey and find those communities that are best suited for you.

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