How do you wash your face?

Do you wash your face while showering? Do you wash in AM and PM? Are you removing your makeup every night before you go to bed? Washing and hydrating your face is a process that is not to be rushed. The skin on your face is sensitive and thin; it requires careful consideration when caringContinue reading “How do you wash your face?”

How much changes in a year…

Reminiscing by looking back at photos from last year should not make me want to cry, yet here I am blubbering away because so much has changed. Last year at this time I was booking a photoshoot to create our “We’re expecting” surprise card! We had some great shots taken and choose this image toContinue reading “How much changes in a year…”

Supportive Women

I have really been loving seeing posts on FB and Instagram with women supporting other women.  It should be the norm and not something that we are surprised by, but society had us all competing with each other for a really long time.  Finally, women have decided enough is enough and are collaborating and raisingContinue reading “Supportive Women”