Wedding Makeup Styles

There is a difference look for every bride, every season, every style. I know it can be quite overwhelming to determine your makeup look for your wedding day! There are so many photos on pinterest and instagram that it can really make your head spin. I am here to help! I want you to beContinue reading “Wedding Makeup Styles”

Can an all women team create the best event?

In a word, YES! When a group of female vendors come together to create your event, the outcome is amazing! Each woman brought her talents and passions to the event. We supported each other to ensure that everything was perfect and no detail was left out. Here is the fabulous group that I had theContinue reading “Can an all women team create the best event?”

Are there advantages to a winter wedding?

Winter weddings are beautiful, sweat free, and stunning! The deep colors of flower arrangements, your makeup, and even his suit/tux will have you and your guests swooning. You will not need to worry about sweating off your makeup, about guests being hot, about your groom sweating his you know whats off, or about the heatContinue reading “Are there advantages to a winter wedding?”

How much changes in a year…

Reminiscing by looking back at photos from last year should not make me want to cry, yet here I am blubbering away because so much has changed. Last year at this time I was booking a photoshoot to create our “We’re expecting” surprise card! We had some great shots taken and choose this image toContinue reading “How much changes in a year…”