Custom Foundation

Are you tired of trying to find your perfect match foundation? Is it always too dark, too light, or make you look orange? Does your foundation feel drying or oily? Perhaps you are using foundation to cover up “problem” areas, but in reality it is only making it worse.

I can help! You can have a customized foundation based on your skin needs and the tone of your skin. Through a question and answer session, I will mix up a foundation that will be beneficial to your skin and will look flawless! Your foundation will be high-end, non-comedogenic, and botanically infused.

You can have a foundation that contains sunscreen to protect your skin, anti-aging serum to combat fine lines and wrinkles, primer, hydration or oil control, and/or soothing serum to help with redness, etc. The options are endless!

Once we have perfected your formula, I will keep the ingredients and a swatch of color to ensure you do not need to come back for the consultation when you run out, simply let me know and I will mix and deliver your foundation to you.

Planning on going somewhere tropical for vacation? When you return home, if your tan color is too dark for your foundation, bring it to me and I will darken your foundation for you. This service is free of charge for my custom foundation beauties! You should always have the perfect match and never have to worry about lines.

Happy custom foundation client!
We have so much fun during your consultation!

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